AH Fencing embarked on a comprehensive fencing project for the 220 Bradman St Warehouse Complex, commissioned by Evolve Constructions. This project showcased AH Fencing’s versatility and commitment to excellence through the installation of various high-quality fencing solutions, including Hercules and chainwire fencing, alongside multiple gate configurations. Executed within tight deadlines, the project highlighted AH Fencing’s ability to deliver under pressure while coordinating seamlessly with other trades on site.

Project Details

  • Client: Evolve Constructions
  • Project: Fencing Installation at 220 Bradman St Warehouse Complex
  • Scope:
    • 172m of 2100H Hercules – In Ground
    • 252m of 1800H Black Chainwire – 2.5mm Mesh In Ground with Top & Bottom Rail
    • 223m of 1800H Black Chainwire + 3 Barb 2.5mm Mesh In Ground with Top & Bottom Rail
    • 2 x 10m wide, 2 x 7.5m wide x 2.1m high Hercules Sliding Gate – 2100H
    • 1 x 6.4m wide x 2.1m high Chainwire Double Gate – Black
    • 2 x 1.05m wide x 2.1m high Hercules PA Gate – 2100H
    • 1 x 1.05m wide x 1.8m high Chainwire PA Gate – Black
  • Duration: 6 Weeks
  • Location: Acacia Ridge, QLD


The project presented unique challenges, demanding innovative solutions:

  1. Tight Timeframes: The need for rapid completion to facilitate the timely handover of the warehouses imposed significant time constraints on the project.
  2. Coordination with Other Trades: Close collaboration with electrical contractors and other trades was essential, particularly for the commissioning of automated gates, requiring meticulous scheduling to avoid conflicts.

Solutions and Strategies

  1. Efficient Project Management: AH Fencing implemented a proactive project management approach, deploying additional resources and extending working hours to meet the project’s tight deadlines without compromising on quality.
  2. Collaborative Working Arrangements: Through effective communication and planning, AH Fencing established a harmonious working relationship with other trades on site. This ensured that the installation and commissioning of gates were executed smoothly, without impeding the progress of other contractors.


  • On-Time Completion: Despite the tight timeframes, AH Fencing successfully completed the installation of all fencing and gate components on schedule, facilitating the on-time handover of the warehouse complex to Evolve Constructions.
  • High-Quality Installation: The project was completed to the highest standards, with all fencing and gate installations meeting Evolve Constructions’ specifications and expectations.
  • Client Satisfaction: Evolve Constructions expressed high satisfaction with AH Fencing’s performance, particularly noting the team’s ability to deliver a high-quality project under significant time constraints and in coordination with other construction activities.


The 220 Bradman St Warehouse Complex project stands as a testament to AH Fencing’s ability to navigate complex logistical challenges and deliver superior fencing solutions within stringent deadlines. The successful completion of this project underlines AH Fencing’s commitment to excellence, adaptability, and collaborative project execution, reinforcing our reputation as a leader in the fencing industry and a preferred partner for construction projects with demanding requirements.






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We recently contracted AH Fencing to complete the fencing and gates package on our project. Their workmanship was outstanding and the project was delivered on time.

N. Lorward

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