At AH Fencing we don’t only offer fencing but cantilever gates, double, single swing gates and sliding gates, as well as complete automatic gates in Brisbane.

Our in-house team of tradesman can install automatic gates and motors complete from concreting to wiring and commissioning.

We also offer other barriers such as boom gates, pedestrian security gates, height bars, wheel stops and bollards for residential and commercial properties. 


Automatic Gates Brisbane


Raise the bar with our automatic and sliding gates in Brisbane. In auditioning to boosting the value of your premise, our sliding gates are proven to increase security and provide a modern aesthetic that blends perfectly with modern technology.

Under the guidance of our directors Adam Hall and Matthew Carroll, our servicemen at AH Fencing are trained and equipped with the latests tools and technologies to ensure that even the most challenging jobs are within reach. Whether we’re handling bespoke residential installations or government and commercial projects, our patience and attention to detail is the linchpin of who we are.

Once you own an automatic gate in Brisbane, the convenience and privacy benefits make it difficult to return to traditional solutions. If you’re living in an especially windy or storm prone region, you might be questioning whether or not these gating solutions are the right fit. Rest assured, the structural integrity of automatic and sliding gates is actually more sturdy than traditional solutions.

Installing a new cantilever gate is more cost-effective than you may have anticipated. Having a convenient and attractive driveway is a key determinant of property value. In addition, you may also be able to inquire about getting a discount from your insurance providers as you will be investing in the longevity of your home.

Ready to take the next step with a brand new cantilever gate? Contact us today to discuss how our services will modernise your home and upscale the market value of your premise.

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