Aluminium Pool Fencing 

Safety & Style in One 

We love our backyard pools in Australia. There’s nothing like relaxing around the pool or taking a dip on a hot summer’s day. Pools are also great places for families to come together and enjoy each other’s company in our beautiful weather.  

However, pools are also a serious safety risk, especially for the smallest family members. That’s why safe and secure fencing is essential for all pools in Brisbane and Australia. 

That doesn’t have to mean negatively impacting the beautiful pool setting you have in your backyard either. We specialise in modern pool fencing that not only enhances the safety but also the aesthetics of your pool area. For the best pool fencing in Brisbane, look no further than AH Fencing. 

Keep Your Family Safe at All Times 

In Australia, it’s a requirement that you install appropriate fencing around your pool. For new pools, proper fencing has to be installed before the pool is even filled. There are minimum requirements that your fencing be a certain height and our specialist Brisbane pool fencing team adheres to all construction and safety standards, ensuring your pool meets all of these legal requirements. We can even ensure your fencing is installed while the pool is built, meaning you won’t have to wait another day to enjoy your new pool.

Aluminium has fast become the most popular style of pool fencing and is well-suited for secure and child-friendly play areas. It can be used on for a variety of applications including schools, early learning centres and pool areas. We also offer frameless and semi-frameless glass pool fencing to compliment your project with uninterrupted views. AH Fencing can offer a variety of colours and styles to suit your project. Contact us now to get started!

Glass Pool Fencing


Another popular choice is glass pool fencing. It’s a versatile product, and here at AH Fencing, we offer a range of different glass pool fencing, all certified to Australian Standards. 

We offer both framed and semi-framed glass pool fencing, which gives every pool a modern look. Our framed glass pool fencing and semi-framed alternatives use 10mm glass panes which look great and are durable in all conditions. 

For that ultra-modern look, there is also frameless glass pool fencing. The glass panes are 12mm thick, giving more than adequate protection against damage and a sophisticated look to your pool area. 


Australian Laws For Pool Fencing in Brisbane


In Australia, homeowners that have a pool on their premise are required by law to install fencing on their property to restrict the entry of minors. This law has been implemented to reduce the risk of drowning. Understanding the requirements for your fencing installation is one sure way you can prevent your property from legal breaches, as well as keeping it as a safe environment for minors. 

These laws state that pool fencing in Brisbane must be at least 1.8 metres in height, the gaps between fence posts must’t be wider than 100mm in width and the posts need to be made of a sturdy material. Additionally, the fencing must also have a non-climbable zone at least 900mm around the boundary fence. 

Unfortunately, children are curious and are always on-the-move. If you’re a parent and you’re unsure of what you can do to keep your children safe around water, there are a few key actions you can follow to guarantee their safety. These are: supervision, restricted access, teaching water awareness and learning CPR. 

If you’re searching for a company that’ll install the fencing in adherence with state laws, and under your guidance for design; AH Fencing are at your service. We’ll work with you to make your pool a family-friendly environment, as well as uncovering a design that blends perfectly with your home. 

Expertly Designed for Your Pool 


Here at AH Fencing, we understand that pools come in all different shapes and sizes. Even with rocks or other natural elements, we ensure all your fencing meets legal requirements while also looking great.  

So don’t settle for generic pool fencing. Trust the experts at AH Fencing, and we’ll design great fencing that not only looks appealing but will keep your family safe and secure all year round. 

Do you have a space that needs to be brought to life. Speak to our highly skilled team of tradesmen today for a free consultation.