Aluminium Fencing in Brisbane is becoming a popular choice due to the metal’s low density and ability to resist corrosion.

Aluminium fencing is used for both commercial and residential use. It is generally available preformed, in a wide variety of styles. Aluminium fencing tends to be easy to clean, resists weathering and has low maintenance requirements. It can also be more cost-efficient than comparable materials, such as wrought iron and steel.


Aluminium slat fencing is offered in a horizontal and vertical style and can be fabricated to suit custom style projects.

The Benefits of Aluminium Fencing in Brisbane


Want to never spend a dollar on fencing repairs again? Our aluminium fencing in Brisbane is proven to repel rust and corrosion. If you’re living in a weather-prone region, you can rest assured that aluminium fencing will withstand moisture, sunlight, rain, snow and anything else. In addition to being an aesthetic focal point, aluminium fencing will last seamlessly throughout the seasons.

Additionally, aluminium panels can be installed in a myriad of styles. Whether you’re living on flat land, or on a slope, rest assured that our team at AH Fencing can fit your property with aluminium fencing that blends perfectly with it’s environment. This low-maintenance fencing solution is also said to be environmentally friendly, because the panels are easy to recycle and use for other projects.

Contrary to popular belief, aluminium fencing is affordable when you compare it to it’s steel counterparts. Although it’s finishes look modern and regal, it’s far cheaper to manufacture than other alternatives. For this reason, getting an aluminium fence installed on your property may be more within reach than you had previously anticipated. To see whether or not it’s within your budget, give our team at AH Fencing a call today to discuss your available options.

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