Chain wire fencing in Brisbane Southside is highly sought after by both residential and commercial properties for it’s added security and safety benefits. For protecting possessions or sections of your property, it’s an incredibly affordable and reliable  fencing solution. But what exactly is it? It’s also referred to as chainlink fencing, chain mesh, wire fencing, security fencing, cyclone fencing or wire netting is one of the oldest and most secure forms of wire-based fencing. 

It’s becoming more widely used for industrial and commercial purposes such as:

  • schools
  • tennis court fencing
  • cricket nets
  • sporting enclosures
  • military compounds
  • airports
  • factory enclosures
  • temporary fencing
  • erosion control
  • acreage fencing
  • aviaries 
  • wildlife control



Chain Wire Fencing Supplies

With the added benefit of visibility, it’s easy to see through so your premises won’t be closed off to the outside world and any intruders can easily be seen. Although chainwire is generally used for reasons above, it has a wide array of other implications. If you have any questions about pricing or whether or not it’s the right option for you, our team will be able to provide you with all of the information you need.

If you need chain wire fencing in Brisbane Southside, our contractors at AH Fencing have plenty of experience with commercial and residential installations. AH Fencing are the experts when it comes to security fencing supplies. You can rest assured that you will find the correct type of fencing for the security and safety of your project – it’s among cheapest options when it comes to effective protection. Whether you need posts, top rail, plain wire, fittings or clips we have the best chain wire fencing supplies in Brisbane and the know-how for installation that you may require.

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