AH Fencing had the unique opportunity to contribute to the development of Brisbane’s newest golf course, Minnippi, through a strategic partnership with McMahon Services. The project scope included the installation of 1 kilometer of 1800H Chainwire Fencing, various associated gates, and 1200H Aluminium Safety fencing, integral to the course’s security and safety design. Spanning over two years, the installation was meticulously planned to align with the golf course’s construction program, demonstrating AH Fencing’s capability to adapt to complex, phased projects.

Project Details

  • Client: McMahon Services
  • Project: Fencing Installation for Minnippi Golf Course
  • Scope:
    • 1km of 1800H Chainwire Fencing
    • Associated Gates
    • 1200H Aluminium Safety Fencing
  • Duration: 2 years (On and Off, in phases)
  • Location: Minnippi Golf Course, Brisbane


The Minnippi Golf Course project presented several unique challenges:

  1. Phased Construction Schedule: Coordinating fencing installation activities with the broader construction timeline of the golf course required flexibility and precise timing.
  2. Environmental Considerations: Working within the natural landscape of a golf course necessitated an environmentally sensitive approach to minimize disruption.
  3. Safety and Aesthetics: Ensuring the installed fencing met the dual requirements of safety for golfers and aesthetic integration into the course design.

Solutions and Strategies

  1. Flexible Project Management: AH Fencing implemented an agile project management approach, allowing for seamless integration of fencing installation within the golf course’s construction phases. Regular coordination meetings with McMahon Services ensured alignment with the overall project timeline.
  2. Environmental Stewardship: Special attention was given to the environmental impact of the installation process. Techniques and routes were chosen to preserve the site’s natural beauty and minimize disruption to the existing landscape.
  3. Design Collaboration: AH Fencing worked closely with the golf course designers to ensure that the chainwire and aluminium safety fencing not only provided the necessary security and safety features but also complemented the overall design of the golf course.


  • Timely Completion: Despite the extended timeline and the need to work in distinct phases, the fencing project was completed in alignment with the construction schedule of the Minnippi Golf Course.
  • Client Satisfaction: McMahon Services and the golf course management expressed high satisfaction with the quality of work and AH Fencing’s ability to meet the project’s unique demands.
  • Enhanced Course Security and Safety: The installed fencing solutions effectively balanced the requirements for security, safety, and aesthetics, contributing to the Minnippi Golf Course’s reputation as a premier golfing destination in Brisbane.


The Minnippi Golf Course fencing project exemplifies AH Fencing’s expertise in handling large-scale, complex installations that require a high degree of coordination, flexibility, and environmental sensitivity. By successfully navigating the project’s challenges, AH Fencing played a pivotal role in bringing Brisbane’s newest golf course to fruition, showcasing our commitment to delivering tailored fencing solutions that meet and exceed client expectations. This case study highlights our dedication to quality, collaboration, and adaptability in achieving project success, even under the most demanding circumstances.






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