In a key infrastructure development, AH Fencing partnered with Hutchinson Builders to contribute to the new Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) precinct in Morayfield. This project involved the installation of 2100H Industrial Spear Top Fencing, 2100H Chainwire Fencing, Automatic Sliding Gates, and Fire Egress Gates. Spanning several stages, the project required meticulous planning and execution to accommodate the complex logistics and scheduling demands, ultimately culminating in timely completion and high praise from the Hutchinson Builders Sunshine Coast team.

Project Details

  • Client: Hutchinson Builders
  • Project: Fencing Installation for QAS Morayfield Precinct
  • Scope:
    • 2100H Industrial Spear Top Fencing
    • 2100H Chainwire Fencing
    • Automatic Sliding Gates
    • Fire Egress Gates
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Location: Morayfield, Queensland


The QAS Morayfield project presented significant challenges, notably in logistics and scheduling due to the phased nature of the construction:

  1. Staged Installation: The project’s execution over multiple stages required dynamic planning to align with the overall construction milestones and deliverables.
  2. Logistical Coordination: Ensuring the timely delivery and installation of fencing materials amidst ongoing construction activities demanded exceptional logistical coordination.
  3. Safety and Security: Given the critical nature of the QAS precinct, maintaining high standards of safety and security during the installation process was paramount.

Solutions and Strategies

To address these challenges, AH Fencing employed several key strategies:

  1. Dynamic Project Management: A dedicated project management team was assigned to oversee the fencing installation, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness to the changing needs of the construction schedule.
  2. Enhanced Logistical Planning: Advanced logistical planning, including just-in-time delivery methods, was utilized to mitigate the challenges of working within an active construction site.
  3. Collaborative Approach: Close collaboration with Hutchinson Builders allowed AH Fencing to anticipate and adapt to project needs, ensuring that safety and security considerations were integrated seamlessly into the installation process.


  • Successful Completion: The fencing installation for the QAS Morayfield precinct was completed on schedule, aligning perfectly with the project’s multiple phases and deadlines.
  • Client Satisfaction: Hutchinson Builders’ Sunshine Coast team provided glowing reviews, commending AH Fencing for its adaptability, professionalism, and high-quality work.
  • Enhanced Security and Aesthetics: The combination of industrial spear top and chainwire fencing, along with the automatic and fire egress gates, significantly contributed to the precinct’s security and aesthetic appeal, meeting the Queensland Ambulance Service’s exacting standards.


The QAS Morayfield project exemplifies AH Fencing’s capability to navigate complex project requirements and deliver high-quality fencing solutions under challenging conditions. By demonstrating flexibility, exceptional project management, and a commitment to collaboration, AH Fencing ensured the success of this critical infrastructure project. This case study highlights AH Fencing’s role as a trusted partner in construction projects, capable of achieving outstanding results and earning client satisfaction, even in the face of logistical and scheduling challenges.






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