In a strategic partnership with Total Construction, AH Fencing was tasked with enhancing the perimeter security for Storage King Deagon. This project involved the installation of 114.14m of 2100H Black Chainwire fencing with 3.15mm mesh in-ground and cranked posts, a 2m Chainwire PA gate in black, and two units of fire egress handles. The project’s location, adjacent to the Bruce Highway and an Energex Substation, alongside the challenge of tight site access, demanded meticulous planning and execution.

Project Details

  • Client: Total Construction
  • Project: Perimeter Fencing for Storage King Deagon
  • Scope:
    • 114.14m of 2100H Black Chainwire Fencing with Cranked Posts
    • 2m Chainwire PA Gate in Black
    • 2 Units of Fire Egress Handle
  • Location: Deagon, Queensland


The project’s unique challenges required innovative solutions:

  1. Proximity to Bruce Highway: The close proximity to a major highway necessitated enhanced safety measures to protect both the workforce and the public.
  2. Tight Site Access: Limited access points to the site required precise logistical planning to deliver materials and conduct installations efficiently.
  3. Neighboring Energex Substation: Working near critical infrastructure demanded strict adherence to safety and compliance regulations to avoid disruptions.

Solutions and Strategies

  1. Enhanced Safety Protocols: AH Fencing implemented stringent safety measures, including traffic management plans and high-visibility signage, to mitigate risks associated with the highway proximity.
  2. Logistical Coordination: To overcome tight access challenges, AH Fencing utilized compact and maneuverable equipment, scheduled off-peak deliveries, and conducted detailed pre-installation site assessments to ensure a smooth operation.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Close collaboration with Energex and adherence to all relevant safety and compliance guidelines ensured the project did not impact the neighboring substation’s operations.


  • Successful Project Completion: Despite the logistical and safety challenges, the fencing installation at Storage King Deagon was completed effectively, meeting all specified requirements.
  • Client Satisfaction: Total Construction praised AH Fencing for our ability to navigate the project’s complexities, delivering the project to the highest standards within the agreed timeline.
  • Enhanced Security and Safety: The new perimeter fencing and access controls significantly improved the security and safety of the Storage King Deagon facility, providing peace of mind to both the client and facility users.


The Storage King Deagon project underscores AH Fencing’s expertise in executing complex fencing installations under challenging conditions. Through proactive planning, safety-first approaches, and effective stakeholder collaboration, AH Fencing delivered a project that not only met but exceeded client expectations. This case study highlights our commitment to providing tailored fencing solutions that address specific site challenges, reinforcing our position as a trusted partner in the construction and security fencing industry.






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We recently contracted AH Fencing to complete the fencing and gates package on our project. Their workmanship was outstanding and the project was delivered on time.

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