AH Fencing undertook a comprehensive fencing project for the Tarragindi Bowls Club, contracted by Hutchinson Builders. This extensive project showcased AH Fencing’s ability to deliver a range of custom fencing solutions, tailored to meet the specific needs and aesthetic requirements of the client. The project spanned multiple stages over a year, incorporating various types of acoustic timber fencing, pool panels, and high-security chainwire cages, culminating in a bespoke architectural fence that demanded precision and attention to detail.

Project Details

  • Client: Hutchinson Builders
  • Project: Fencing Solutions for Tarragindi Bowls Club
  • Scope:
    • 243.61 lineal meters of 1800H acoustic timber fencing
    • 15.32 lineal meters of 2000H acoustic timber fencing
    • 40.5 lineal meters of 2000H acoustic timber fencing with FC sheeting and aluminium angle
    • 81.03 lineal meters of 1.2m high flat-top powder-coated pool panels
    • 40.07 lineal meters of 2000H acoustic timber fencing (steel posts for water main)
    • 138m of 3000H Gal Chainwire Cage
    • 54 x 1m wide x 3m high Chainwire PA Gates – Galvanised
    • Security and Store Sections with Chainwire Cages and Gates
  • Location: Tarragindi Bowls Club, QLD


  1. Tight Site Access: The project’s location necessitated careful planning to manage the delivery of materials and equipment, especially given the restricted access points.
  2. Multiple Stages and Mobilisations: The phased approach required meticulous coordination with Hutchinson Builders and other trades to ensure seamless progress without disrupting ongoing club operations.
  3. Custom Architectural Fencing: The FC sheeting with aluminium angle fencing presented a significant challenge, given its custom design that required each batten to be installed individually with precise alignment.

Solutions and Strategies

  1. Logistical Planning: AH Fencing developed a comprehensive logistics plan that accounted for the tight site access, scheduling deliveries and installations to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency.
  2. Collaborative Coordination: Regular communication and planning meetings with Hutchinson Builders and other trades ensured that all parties were aligned on the project timeline and requirements, facilitating smooth project execution.
  3. Specialized Installation Team: For the architecturally designed fence, AH Fencing assembled a team of specialists skilled in precision work to handle the custom installation, ensuring that each batten was placed with the required accuracy.


  • Successful Project Completion: The fencing project at Tarragindi Bowls Club was completed to the satisfaction of all stakeholders, showcasing AH Fencing’s adaptability and commitment to quality.
  • Client Satisfaction: Hutchinson Builders and the Tarragindi Bowls Club were extremely pleased with the outcome of the project. The custom architectural fencing, in particular, was highlighted as a testament to the effective collaboration and high-quality workmanship of AH Fencing.
  • Strengthened Partnership: The project further cemented the strong working relationship between Hutchinson Builders and AH Fencing, leading to continued collaboration on future projects.


The Tarragindi Bowls Club fencing project underscores AH Fencing’s capability to deliver complex, multi-faceted fencing solutions in challenging environments. Through effective logistical planning, collaborative project management, and skilled craftsmanship, AH Fencing met the project’s unique demands, achieving outstanding results. This case study exemplifies our dedication to quality, precision, and client satisfaction, reinforcing our position as a leader in the fencing industry.






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We recently contracted AH Fencing to complete the fencing and gates package on our project. Their workmanship was outstanding and the project was delivered on time.

N. Lorward

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