What is acoustic fencing?

Acoustic fencing is a type of fencing used by many industries to assist in the prevention of environmental and external noise pollution. Acoustic fence panels, also called noise carrier, sound wall or acoustic barrier, are not soundproof but do an excellent job in noise reduction as they enable the absorption of sound vibrations.

To effectively reduce the noise in the desired area, you should consider 2 main factors when choosing an acoustic barrier fence:


When thinking about installing an acoustic barrier fence, you should be aware of what you’re actually trying to drown out. Therefore, the most common outdoors noise sources include:

  • Traffic noise (if you are located near busy or main roads)
  • Different tools like leaf blowers, chainsaws and lawnmowers
  • Music (instruments, radios, sound systems)
  • Nearby railways/ airports
  • Commercial and industrial machinery noise
  • Vocal voices (schools, kindergartens, or animals) 


The type of noise can get more important if you are measuring the sound you are aiming to reduce. Moreover, distinguishing between airborne noise and impact noise can also be useful. Acoustic fencing can actively reduce airborne noise as it is travelling through the air. Impact noise, however, is passed through materials, like banging doors for instance. In this case, acoustic fence panels might not be as effective for noise prevention.

Acoustic Fence in Brisbane


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